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Brahman Consciousness

Brahman Consciousness represents the highest ideal for a human life achievement. Brahman Consciousness is that state of consciousness which resonates in complete harmony with the vast consciousness of the Creator, Lord Brahma. One who lives in Brahman Consciousness is literally the Divine incarnate, always acting in perfect accord with all the Laws of Nature and radiating a life supporting and uplifting influence to everyone he or she contacts.

In Brahman Consciousness the individual mind is completely absorbed into the Mind of Lord Brahma, like a tiny bubble floating within a vast calm lake. Inside the bubble resides the completely crystal clear ego of the person in Brahman Consciousness. He or she can appreciate without restriction the entire range of intelligence and knowledge that is contained in the Mind of Lord Brahma. Anything may be known to him and will be known by him at the exact appropriate time.

His mind is completely silent - witnessing the glory of Lord Brahma as a child watching a delightful fairy tale unfold. He expects nothing, wants nothing, thinks about nothing and remembers nothing. He simply witnesses the world around him in childlike innocence because everything is a completely new and fresh experience for him, every minute of every day - 24 hours a day.

He is completely above fear and doubt - unshakable in the knowledge that nothing in the universe is foreign to him or can possibly harm him. He has nothing to do at all and spends his time reacting to others and the environment. Whatever he may do in response to the environment is loving and supporting to everyone he touches, however he does not plan it this way - it is just the spontaneous result of his action.

Occasionally, a thought may arise in his mind, but it is not his thought and he clearly knows this. He has completely stopped thinking altogether, so when a thought does arise he immediately welcomes it as Lord Brahma's thought and he appreciates it completely, understanding it totally, immediately and without distortion. Often, he just takes action without thought or at least without appreciating that he had a thought, moving and acting as if Lord Brahma Himself was moving his body or speaking through his mouth. He feels like a sort of robot or mechanical man that someone else is moving, like a puppet.

Whatever his body does, he watches and is surprised and delighted by the play. He views his body as the puppet or robot of Lord Brahma - it is not even his body. If Lord Brahma wants to feed and clothe this body, he watches and enjoys the play. If Lord Brahma wants to rest the body, he watches and enjoys the resting of the body.

He feels like a passenger, not the driver and certainly not the owner of the body. He knows that at any moment Lord Brahma may move him into a different body for the benefit of that perspective. He has forgotten what it was like to be a "normal human being" full of anxiety, doubts, fears, ambitions, goals, desires, pains, weaknesses, struggle, unhappiness, happiness, frustrations, anger, disappointments, etc. Life is very simple now - it is easy to feel the bliss that is life and that bliss is sufficient for him, he wants nothing else, he cannot even make himself desire anything. After all, he is floating in bliss 24 hours a day and knows it will never end.


Programming Âtmavedi Crystals


When programmed with the 432,000 devas of the Rig Veda, we call these crystals Âtmavedi Crystals. The programming process takes over 1,300 hours during which the crystals are exposed to loud vibration of the entire Rig Veda plus other Vedic mantras in a prana amplified tetrahedral enclosure.

To utilize Âtmavedi Crystals to promote Brahman Consciousness, it is necessary to prepare 800ml of pure water each day by dissolving 1 capsule of crystals in the water. The water is programmed for the individual by using the provided 800ml glass container that has S'ri Vyuha Jyotish Chakra of the individual and a 10,000 gauss magnet attached to the bottom.


The S'rî Vyuha Jyotish Chakra is constructed to show your personal web of karma in a graphic form that is literally a symbolic representation of the eons of experience you have had.

Beginning with the dark blue sphere that contains all the symbols. This sphere is a symbol that represents the universe of Lord Brahma. It is from within this universe that you have been experiencing existence for innumerable life-times.

Within the sphere of the universe is the energy pattern of your S'rî Chakra - the fundamental archetype of pure knowledge for our universe. Your S'rî Chakra is the resonanting energy frequency of the Mind of the Creator and your direct link to this Supreme Intelligence.

Embedded in your S'rî Chakra are all of the karmas and ungrounded energies that you have generated during your eons of existence. The symbols here are

  • Rashis - larger colored spheres with symbols at their center. There are 12 Rashis and each one represents an aggregation of karma
  • Bhavas - the placement of the Rashis represent their Bhava position. The large Rashi in the upper center is the Lagna (ascendant) and is a primary indicator of the karma of this life. The second Bhava is located above and to the left, the third is to the left of the second and so on around the Chakra.
  • Grahas - small colored spheres with symbols at their center. There are nine Grahas who are responsible for delivering the karma associated with the Rashis. Each Rashi is presided over by a Graha.

The S'rî Vyuha Jyotish Chakra is created based on your birth date, birth time and birth location. This yantra provides a connection to the individual thread of existence that has manifested your physical life. The Chakra captures the holistic value of your karma.

The Chakra is mounted on the bottom of the 800ml glass container with a powerful 2.5 inch diameter circular 10,000 Gauss neodymium magnet. The strong magnetic field energizes the devas and transforms the water by lowering its surface tension, which makes the water absorb much easier through the human cell membranes.  By allowing the Âtmavedi Crystal water to rest on your Chakra for 1 hour, the devas are enlivened and linked to your life stream so that when the water is ingested the devas will quickly establish themselves in the S'ri Chakras of the pineal gland.

When you order Âtmavedi Crystals, an 800ml glass containter is provided with your personal  S'rî Vyuha Jyotish Chakra and the special magnet attached to the bottom. This container is required for linking the devas to your life stream. A one month supply of crystals plus the 800ml glass container with your chakra and magnet is then shipped to you. Subsequently, on the same day of the month you placed your original order, a fresh one month supply of Âtmavedi Crystals is automatically shipped to you.

The cost for a one month supply of Âtmavedi Crystals is only $18 and the personalized 800ml glass container with your S'rî Vyuha Jyotish Chakra and magnet mounted on the bottom is $31 (first month only).

The next step is to gather the birth information for each person that you are ordering for today, so that the personalized S'rî Vyuha Jyotish Chakra magnetic container may be created. You will need the birth date, time and location for each person.

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