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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How is the Atmavedi Crystal water prepared?

A. Dissolve 1 capsule of the crystals (open one capsule and pour the contents into the water) into 800 ML of pure water. Spring or artesian water is best. Prepare and drink 800 ML of water each day. The water may be taken at any time during the day or night. Just be sure to prepare 800 ML, fresh, every day.

Q. Is it OK to give the Atmavedi Crystal water to children?

A. For children age 7 through 16, up to 400 ML of Atmavedi Crystal water may be taken. Over age 16, 800 ML. Under age 7 do not give the water.

Q. Can I use the Atmavedi Crystals like I would normal salt and sprinkle it on my food?

A. Yes, this is fine and you will derive some benefit but drinking the Atmavedi Crystal water is best.

Q. I think I 'm unstressing somewhat from the Atmavedi Crystals.  I had a little bit of a difficult time sitting still in program. There is definitely something unsettling going on on a deep level.

A. Others have also noticed some purification from the Atmavedi Crystals at first - this should level off in a day or two.

Q. After drinking the Atmavedi Crystal water for a couple of weeks, I am starting to feel a fluttering in my chest during meditation. It is pleasant and actually blissful at times. Is this related to the crystals?

A. This fluttering is very common. It is the sensation that is often described as "bubbling bliss" and is sometimes also experienced during the flying sutra of the TM-Sidhi program. It is caused by the liveliness of the devas in your physiology. At first you will probably only notice this during quiet times, like meditation. The next stage in this experience is to enjoy this bliss throughout your meditation. Eventually, you may come to experience bubbling bliss all the time. This is the normal, natural consequence of enlivening the devas in your physiology by drinking the Atmavedi Crystal water.

Q. How can I save money on shipping?

A. The quarterly plan is best for this. You receive a 3 months supply at one time for the same shipping cost as for the monthly plan. With the quarterly plan, every 3 months we ship you another 3 months supply.

Q. My wife and I would both like to receive Atmavedi Crystals.

A. Change the quantity to 2 in the shopping cart. Then you will receive 2 units each month. Or if you elect the quarterly plan, you receive 6 units each quarter.