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Prana may be accumulated from the environment by means of a specially constructed chamber made of panels covered with alternating layers of paper and electrically conductive metal foil.

The principal is insulating material (in this case paper) absorbs and holds prana and electrically conductive metal attracts and reflects prana. Conductive metals contain movable electric charges that will move when an electric potential difference is applied across separate points.

By layering the walls of the chamber (constructed of foam core panels) with insulating material on the outside and metal on the inside, a potential is created and a direction is given to accumulate and concentrate prana from the outside of the chamber to the inside.

The electrically conductive metal foil may be copper or aluminum - both readily available. Copper is 7 times better than aluminum for this use and increasing the number of layers proportionately increases the concentration of the prana inside the chamber. One layer consists of paper and copper or paper and aluminum foil. The minimum number of layers for a significant accumulation effect is 3 layers of paper/copper or 21 layers of paper/aluminum. The cost of copper foil is far more than aluminum foil but copper is more durable than aluminum. It is possible to use paper/aluminum layers internally and finish with a paper/copper layer. In this case, use 14 layers of paper/aluminum and a final layer of paper/copper.

Adding more layers increases the ability of the chamber to accumulate and concentrate prana. However, at night 3 layers of paper/copper or 21 layers of paper/aluminum will produce the maximum accumulation and concentration of prana. During a sunny day, there can be as much as 3 times the prana than at night, so 9 layers of paper/copper (or 63 layers of paper/aluminum) will be able to accumulate and concentrate 3 times more prana than 3 layers of paper/copper (or 21 layers of paper/aluminum). However, at night the 9 layers will accumulate and concentrate about the same as 3 layers.

By forming the panels in the shape of a pyramid there is an added influence of the geometric shape that resonates with the Manomaya Kosha and produces an enhanced effect for meditation and sleep. Pyramids by their very shape, function as one of the most powerful geometric amplifying forms found in nature.

The tetrahedron shape resonates with the pranamaya kosha and provides a significant boost in the ability of the structure to collect and concentrate prana by a factor of 3 to 4. However, there is a limit to the body's ability to utilize prana. Increasing prana beyond this limit has no effect on the body - it will simply not utilize the excess prana. By taking all these factors into account, the optimal number of layers is 3 if the chamber is rectangular (neutral shape) or 1 layer if the chamber is tetrahedral. However for maximum healing effect, a 3 layer pyramid is best.

The simplest design to build is a rectangular structure and this design works quite well. The chamber consists of 4 walls made of foam core board with a layer of copper, then a layer of paper, another layer of copper, another layer of paper and a final layer of copper. The front of the chamber is left open. 1/2 inch thick foam core board is best. If not available, glue together 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch board.

Here is a materials list for the basic chamber panels:

  1. 1/2 inch foam core may be purchased online or special ordered at Hobby Lobby stores (where you can usually find 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch - glue together with wood or paper glue)
  2. aluminum foil is readily available at low cost in local stores
  3. copper foil is available online 
  4. insulating paper is readily available at low cost in local stores - look for Reynold's brand Freezer Paper
  5. aluminum foil tape is readily available in hardware stores - used to seal or repair aluminum duct-work
  6. copper foil tape is available online 

To construct a panel, lay the foam core on a table then put a layer of metal foil that completely covers the board, except for 1/4 inch on all sides. Use 2 or 3 1 inch pieces of masking tape on the edges of the foil to keep the foil in place on the board. If you are using 18 inch wide foil on a 30 inch by 40 inch board, then run the foil down the 40 inch side and place 2 strips, overlapped by 6 inches in the middle. Use one small piece of masking tape on this overlapped area to hold the foil in place. Follow the layer of foil with a layer of paper, leaving 1/4 inch all around. Continue layering foil/paper until you have the desired number of layers. Stop with a layer of foil - this is highly important that the inside of the chamber be metal foil and the outside be insulating paper (foam core board) in order to give the proper direction to the flow of prana (from outside to inside).

Create all 4 panels then cut one panel at 30 1/2 inches and keep the 9 1/2 inch strip. The 30 inch by 30 1/2 inch piece will be the head of the chamber (when positioned for sleeping). Find someone to help you. To put the chamber together, place the top (one of the 30 X 40 panels) on the floor with the foil up. Place the other 2 30 X 40 panels on the sides of the top with foil inward. The 40 inch edges should rest on the top panel, not on the floor. The head panel is positioned so that the 30 inch side is on the floor at the end of the 3 other panels, with foil inward. If you have all panels positioned correctly, there should be no overlap. If you have overlap on any panel, then check the positioning - probably you have the 2 sides resting on the floor instead of on the top panel.

Run foil tape along all seams to hold the box together. Then add the 30 inch by 9 1/2 inch panel to the open end (foil inwards) and seal it in place with foil tape.

Place the chamber with the long open side down on a bed for a sleeping chamber. Stand the chamber on the short open end (with the 9 1/2 inch piece toward the back) for a meditation chamber.

For an enhanced effect that promotes mental alertness during sleep and meditation, an optional pyramid may be added to the top of the chamber.

Below is a picture of a chamber constructed of 21 layers of aluminum foil with the optional pyramid.

In this picture you will notice some wires on the right side - these are for grounding the chamber and that is highly important. Without proper grounding, the chamber will have reduced effectiveness.

When creating a chamber for sleeping, it is important to also add a coil of grounded wire around the bed. The simplest way to accomplish this is to modify a grounded electrical extension cord. The cord should be long enough to wrap around the base of the bed at least 3 times. Modify one end of the cord where the extension receptical is located by cutting off the receptical. Then find the ground wire (commonly green) that connects to the ground pin of the plug. If you have any doubt about which wire connects to the ground pin or which pin is the ground pin, then seek the advise of a qualified electrician. Remove the two conductor pins from the plug, leaving only the ground pin. Wrap the wire around the bed 3 times (or more) then plug into a grounded electrical outlet.

See the picture below for a 4 cycle bed wrap that was constructed of a 100 foot extension cord around a queen size bed that sits on a platform. The important point is to surround the bed with grounded wire to drain static electricity from the bed area. Static electricity accumulates on the surface of the body and attracts astral "bugs" to leech onto the body. These astral entities then drain prana from the body. It is highly important to remove this attractive static electric charge on the surface of the body to reduce the number of leeching  astral entities. Even more so when you are concentrating prana inside the healing chamber, you do not want to have any static electric fields to attract astal entities.

In the picture below, you see the grounding cord plugged into the grounded electrical outlet. Notice the other end of the grounding cord where we have attached a chamber grounding wire and plate. The small circular plate is about 2 inches in diameter with one edge bent at a 90 degree angle. A wire with alligator clips on both ends is used to clip the plate to the grounding cord. Then the plate is placed under one side of the healing chamber to ground the chamber. In the first picture above we show the plate and grounding wires. If you place a metal pyramid on top of the chamber, be sure to ground that as well.

The another important component for the healing chamber is protection from artificially generated electromagnetic fields. This is very important for maximum healing effect. We are exposed to hundreds of times more man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs) than generations in the past. The impact on our health and especially on our immune system has been much greater than most people realize.

Electromagnetic protection as a way to build and maintain a strong immune system is vital to everyone, especially to people who suffer from any stress related health condition such as electro sensitivity, chronic stress headaches, anxiety, cancer, autism, ADHD, Alzheimer’s and asthma.

We are essentially electrical beings existing in a state of resonance within the electromagnetic embrace of the earth. The man-made AC (alternating current) grid in which we live has weakened our connection to the earth resulting in a state of subliminal stress and the decreased ability to heal.

Fortunately, protection from all these damaging electrical fields is easy to accomplish in the healing chamber by closing the open end with electrically conducting cloth and placing electrically conducting cloth on the floor of the chamber. When grounded, this arrangement will create a Faraday Shield that is extremely effective.

Electrically conducting cloth that is suitable for the floor of the chamber may be purchased online. Obtain enough to cover the entire sleeping area and place the cloth directly under a 100% cotton sheet (the fabric is 64 inches wide, so you will need about 7 feet of it). Be sure to attach a wire to the cloth using an alligator clip and attach the other end of the wire to your grounding cord. Until you ground the electrically conducting cloth, it will be ineffective as a Faraday Sheild.

The cloth to shield the open end of the chamber may also be purchased online. This fabic is a stretchy silver coated sheer nylon weave that is 144 inches wide. You will need about 12 feet of this material for a full cover or about 8 feet if you only want to cover the opening. See the picture below for a fully covered prana healing chamber. The healing chamber itself is an excellent shield so it is not necessary to fully enclose the chamber, but it is convenient.

It is not necessary to explicitly ground the shielding cloth because it is in contact with the metal of the chamber which is grounded. Here is a view from the foot of the bed. The hoop is from a back-packing tent. Notice that the cloth is tucked under a mattress pad. The mattress pad is also very important - it is magnetic.

One of the characteristics of kali-yuga, where we find ourselves today, is decreased vitality brought upon in part by the weaker magnetic field of the earth. By sleeping on a strong, negative field magnetic pad, you can effectively supplement the earth's natural magnetic field and provide the environment for your body to enjoy increased vitality.

Magnetics are therefore recommended to further amplify the healing effect of the chamber. Negative (north pole) field magnetic energy promotes healing, a deep restorative sleep, and good health. The negative magnetic field calms and normalizes metabolic function, combats inflammation and infection and enables the body to resolve troublesome calcium and mineral deposits, while the positive magnetic field overstimulates and encourages micro-organism growth. Only the negative magnetic field has been shown to promote and accelerate the healing process.  We want to take full advantage of the benefits of resting in a negative magnetic field so the bottom of the chamber is a "Mega-Field Slumber Pad" from www.azunimags.com. To improve mental functioning and promote restorative sleep, we recommend adding the "Vitality Sleep Enhancer". The pineal gland produces melatonin in the presence of a negative magnetic field.

Physicians in ancient Greece, Egypt, India and China described and practiced magnetic therapy. Magnetic energy passes through all material and affects all living things. Magnetism is a basic natural force of the universe and magnetic fields surround the earth. Magnetic therapy utilizes the natural energies of magnetism that are important to human existence and overall health. Human Beings posses complex bio-electromagnetic systems. A magnetic field provides a natural way to assist the body as it passes through all tissues and cells. The outer surface of each nerve cell carries a positive charge, while the interior of the cell carries a negative charge. In the case of pain, the positively charged cell membrane is supplied with more potassium by the blood, thereby increasing the positive charge. As a result, a powerful current flows through the cerebral neurons, which register the event as pain. If the site of the pain is exposed to a magnetic field, the different charges are neutralized, the current flow declines and eventually ceases altogether. In most cases, the pain is alleviated.

Magnetism is very effective for healing and restoring the natural balance of the body. Oxygen and water are paramagnetic and can carry a magnetic field to all parts of the body through blood circulation. This helps to bring a normal charge back to each body cell by increasing cellular oxygen and restoring pH balance. The cells then become well. The use of an external magnetic source helps the body in the healing process, alleviating the need to deplete its own energy resources. Blood flow also increases under the influence of magnetic fields by dilating the blood vessels.

A static magnetic field is an energy field by virtue of the movement of electrons. The negative magnetic pole moves (spins) electrons to the left and the positive magnetic field moves electrons to the right. Electron movement is the essence of energy. Oxygen and water are paramagnetic and can be magnetized as either positive or negative.  Magnetized oxygen, or water, will behave like a static magnetic field being either positive or negative, depending on the magnetic field to which it has been exposed.

It is important to understand that the magnetic field that spins electrons to the left supports the body’s energy oxidation-reduction process. It seems evident that this negative magnetic field supplies the energy for the enzyme function, the reversal of acids,  hydrogen peroxide, and oxygen free radicals, thus releasing molecular oxygen from these products which can be used in the oxidation process of energy production in the human body.

The human body requires an alkaline medium because an acid medium cannot maintain oxygen and is toxic to the human body. A negative magnetic field (the pole of the magnet that is attracted to the south pole of the earth or spins the electrons to the left) supports the body's alkalinity and high need for oxidation capacity for energy production. Magnetic bio-North pole oxygen or water supports human physiology. Oxidation provides energy for reversal and reduction of end-products (free radicals, hydrogen peroxide, and acids) and aids in maintaining the necessary alkaline pH.

In the 1960s, when man first ventured into space, it was the first time we recorded what happened when the human physiology had left the intensity of the earth's magnetic field. On return to Earth, even after a short period in space, it was discovered that the astronauts we losing bone density, their immune systems were being affected and they were experiencing calcium deficiency, meaning that they needed intensive medical treatment on return to Earth.

The solution was discovered to be magnetism and the need to place the astronauts within an environment that sumulated the Earth's magnetic field. Today, when astronauts go into space, they wear suits lined with flexible magnetic materials and the spacecraft has a magnetic lining - all bio-north facing. The difference to the astronauths on return from space today is, they go straight from the space-craft to the press-conference.

With the magnetic enhanced AmritNitya Prana Healing Chamber, everyone can enjoy the improved vitality and better health that results from spending the night in an environment of stronger prana and stronger magnetic fields that produce a pH balanced, rested physiology that has been protected from electromagnetic radition and static electricity.


AmritNiya Prana Healing Chamber

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