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For some, the information on this website may seem so different that it borders on the fantastic and controversial. For others, it will provide an understanding of life which they have been looking for. Fot others, it will kindle a reawakening of some Truth that lies deep in their hearts, which they already know but could not quite remember.

To set the stage for this presentation, we should first look at the life of our Creator - known in the Vedic Literature as Lord Brahma. This chart helps to put into perspective where we are today in the grand scheme of things:

Life of Lord Brahma

Today we are currently about 5,000 years into Kaliyug. There are four major periods, or Yugas:

  1. 4 yugas with golden ageSATYA YUGA - the golden age lasts 1,728,000 years. The population begins with the perfected, godly mind-born children of Lord Brahma (the Creator), who subsequently procreate and populate the earth with life forms. Average life span is 100,000 years.  Human bodies have 12-strands of DNA and life is realized in its full potential. There is no "hardware" technology - all technology is mantra based.
  2. TRETA YUGA - also called the silver age, lasts 1,296,000 years. The average life span is 10,000 years and the godly qualities decrease one fourth compared to the Satya yuga. Human bodies have 8-strands of DNA and life is lived at less than full potential.
  3. DVAPARA YUGA - or the bronze age, lasts 864,000 years. Godly qualities are reduced to 50% by now and the average life expectancy is only 1000 years. Human bodies have 4-strands of DNA and live is lived with dependency on hardware technologies such as the wheel, axe, knives, fire for cooking food, shelters are constructed for protection from harsher environments.
  4. KALI YUGA - the iron age of hypocrisy and quarrel lasts 432,000 years. Very few of the population exhibit God consciousness and life expectancy is only 100 years.  Human bodies have only 2-strands of DNA and life is lived in ignorance of full potential. There is total dependency on hardware technologies just to sustain life. It reaches the extreme known as "singularity" when computers have greated than human intelligence and machines actually dominate - to the extreme in which the human body is replaced totally by robotic machines and human consciousness is somehow "hosted" by these machines.

Krishna with Flute

It is interesting to note that immediately following Kaliyug is again Satyug. Some think there must be a gradual rise of Satyug with perhaps even another Dvaparyug and Tretyug thrown in first. But that is not the case. After the total destruction at the end of Kaliyug, the Creator starts over with a new Satyug, with a fresh crop of residents for the planet and new beginning dawns. The transition from Kaliyug to Satyug is swift, not taking thousands of years.

We are soon to be entering a special and unique 10,000 year Satyug per the blessings of Lord Krishna. The residents of this Golden Age will have 12-strand DNA bodies and all of the current hardware and computer crutches will no longer be needed. The singularity will not arise until after this 10,000 year period when Kaliyug resumes with a vengence, culminating in total and utter destruction.

You may have heard of Kaya Kalpa. This is an ancient system of total body rejuvenation that originated in India during Dvapara Yuga, about 10,000 years ago. If this Vedic Science is credible, why are we not seeing people regenerating their bodies and living for hundreds of years, with the practice of Kaya Kalpa? The answer is simple - the Laws of Nature (those impluses of Creative Intelligence that maintain the Universe) are different in each of the yugas. Therefore, the practice of Kaya Kalpa as developed in Dvaparyug fails to work in Kaliyug.

Satyug Kaya Kalpa is the technique to establish a Satyug body, now, during the final days of Kaliyug, in preparation for the Golden Age that will soon be here. Thanks to the Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid, this technology can now be implemented. This is a technology is part Satyug mantra-based and part Kaliyug hardware physical technology based to bridge the gap between these two ages.  It is really nothing like "traditional" Kaya Kalpa, which only seeks to extend the lifespan of a Kaliyug physiology.

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